• from the ashes i arise,
    for me there is no end,
    this comes as no surprise,
    after all the pain and lies.

    i've stayed within the black,
    dreams and nightmares, here they blend,
    i can never go back,
    always against me the odds stack.

    why i cry when no one cares,
    i cant help but be cold,
    when all i get is icy stares,
    all this pain and rage wares.

    i feed on your fears,
    to the dark my soul is sold,
    i enjoy seeing you in tears,
    drowning your sorrow in all these beers.

    somebody help me,
    im lost and confused,
    i just want to be free,
    but you all cant seem to see.

    so alone and afraid,
    my anger and mercy become fused,
    i dont want to be good,
    but being bad has become old.

    if you have bloodtirst,
    will you savor it?
    i hate all who are around me,
    all who stand in my way,

    i am your worst fear,
    i am your favorite,
    i wish to destroy them,
    to see them betrayed.

    why do we exist?
    do we truely belong?
    i ask myself daily,
    right after i consume your soul.

    will you accept your fate?
    after it has stood for so long?
    i have accepted mine,
    killing you all has become my ultimate goal.