• Looks like its just you and me for New Years.
    Sitting by ourselves, breathing in the cool night air,
    We look down to the future that we see in our hands.
    Clasping together our fingers, escaping these fears.

    We have fireworks and no one to shoot them with.
    Silence settles on this ever-darkening night.
    Dew-damp grass underneath our slippery soles
    Makes this time together seem close to myth.

    I'll start a spark with you.
    The flame we made is ours and ours alone.
    I finally realized what made it die,
    Sinking to a deeper, darker hue.

    They're all out of town.
    They can't see our love flicker in the dark,
    A beacon to warn them of our troubled hearts.
    On your misty green lawn, we forever lay down.