• A new power I sence
    Its like everything I touch it get fixed
    But my body is geting dense when we met
    I was train for this I stay by your side like a pet

    Message said that you been capture
    Im trembling, everything is under the evil power
    Red tears appear as I fight to recover you over the hours
    everything colasped of dust, every towers

    Slice by slice i risk my life you
    you said no loved you that much
    All your needs is two ends your colors
    But I will never pass that message though

    I jump through to fight for your heart
    You may did something to hurt me in my life
    Your sorrow may passed on to me
    But in my soul for you there always A part

    Blue the powers I give to evil to suffer though
    Black the showing of death is going to attack
    White the soul of my might
    Red the heart I hear and folowed

    Please Dont let the colors end