• Faded memories
    Are like painful experinces
    But they fade into your mind
    They don't just go away

    Unfortunatly its not that easy
    They stay and pick at your soul
    Until your just an empty shell
    Then they control you

    You go crazy with rage
    And sometimes you cry and cry and cry
    Until one greatful day you just go on and die
    It happens so quickly

    Those hurtful still ever so painful memories
    Creep up on you
    When you least expect them
    Then everyone asks "whats wrong can I help"

    You scream "NO, I don't need your damn help"
    This makes them worry more
    Therapist don't help at all
    They make it worse they pick and pry until they have you

    Crying in there office screaming the horrible memories at there face
    Faded memories are like bad dreams
    They never go away
    They stay until the day of death

    People say your crazy that you need mental help
    You just take it out on yourself
    Poor soul your arm it bleeds the razors scream
    Then more memories come forward and you cut down deeper

    More blood pours out all around you
    The blood it won't stop it keeps coming and coming
    But you think at least now the memories will stop and I can live in peace
    Your mom and dad, brothers, and sisters

    Your leaving them all behind
    You don't care they don't love you
    They hate you
    More tragic memories come forward you cut and cut and cut

    Until finally all is white and cloudy
    And the blood is all gone
    The memories have gone completely
    No more cutting no more pain

    All is good all is plain
    But wait everything is turing red
    Your lying on your bed
    Half-way there half-way dead

    You try and finish you try and say
    Okay lets go we can do this just one more cut and this is gone
    The door burst open
    Paramedics pour in and try and bandage you up

    They ask you to talk
    You mumble some words "um,.....stop....k-kill me please"
    They rush you in a room but then its to late
    The memories have taken over you go crazy

    Thrashing around moving screaming
    Sedated half-way high on morphine you lay straped to a bed in a padded room
    You close your eyes and cry a tear
    You move your arms enough that the straps tear into your flesh

    And blood spills again
    Hope your happy in either Heaven or Hell
    The memories still haunt you even if your dead
    Earth would have been better than suicide anyday
    You could have died happy with no more faded painful memories