• Shadow

    Alone many people feel this when in a forest lost with no one to help,
    Not I.
    Many people feel alone when no one is around, no one to talk to, cold when certain people come around. People walking not caring about the person who watches in the corner, observing their simplicity. They watch knowing them but them not knowing the shadow. He, who watches from the corner.
    Not wanting the company of People, they watch wounded, waiting, suffering and craving the company of the people they do not want.
    People pass plates full with their own concerns avoiding the people who need them the most. Ignorance is no gift; knowledge is better but harder to deal with. Like shielding a child from the truth, the world even. But all children must grow up, and must eventually face the truth, the chaos of this world. The shadows know this darkness and hide from it. They don’t talk they don’t smile they sit there, alone, sad, and hiding.
    Finding a place to think a place to search your self and stare in wonder of human stupidity, in awe of the pain we cause, how we affect each other with out knowing.
    Thoughtless words tossed about, bring people closer and wrenching them apart. They will have to choose what they want to do with themselves for we enjoy the silence for only so long for we cannot sustain solitude.


    But are we Alone? Many people turn to something inhuman for comfort in desperate need. A toy, a book, a diary, something anything to listen. A tree, a stone, sun shining through, embracing branches, light engulfing, stone supporting you. Home for me comfortable here where people prefer a warm fire to site beside, a beach, or a house filled with friends. Here I am surrounded with friends, yet to others I would seem alone. These friends, kinder and wiser then any human, silently they listen, allowing me to guild my self to an answer to my problem. They do not offer advice, like everyone else they do not interrupt, and they do not comfort. They simply are not allowing me to break down in tears this is a problem and needs to be thought out properly it seems as if they’re saying. The choice is yours and I cannot change it only you can, choose your path and take it to the end. The path of self destruction and the path of changing who you are till you can’t recognize you’re self.
    Give me silence to people any day, and I will find a way.


    Knowing staying a shadow cannot last as the sun lays to rest for the night. They move changing over time with the sun moving over the distant sky, and they either die out from grief, find a way to some how preserve through the night, or become another one of the People. The careless ones, the ones who see only what they want to, and ignore everything else, but is that them? For you can see glimpses of their old selves in a look, an action, a word. Lying under a tree gazing up through the branches, I’ve glimpsed the world through another’s eyes, seeing the glory, the pain, the happiness, regrets. Knowing, everything about them, searching their essence. Letting my imagination go, I understand things that I couldn’t understand before, I see points that I couldn’t see before. Knowing things I didn’t know before, and not understanding how I know but, understanding that there is not explanation. If I could stay I would but I can’t because like everyone else I must keep moving. I have chosen my path seen the other paths and found that I didn’t like them so I choose this one. The one which I can be myself, more sensitive to those I normally don’t pay attention to, kinder to the people who were unkind to me. Knowing they are in as much pain as they are causing me. The things I discover when with my friends who are forever silent they’re wise branches embrace showing me the way, like the best teacher I’ve ever had. But I cannot stay I must return to the chaos of our world. So I thank them get up, and I walk away for I have chosen my path. Knowing I will return again soon, wiser then I was before. Knowing:

    Alone doesn’t mean lonely