• Last night, I waited for Christmas to come
    Last night, I dreamed for Santa Claus to come
    Last night, I planned on what to do at Christmas time
    Last night, I helped myself for a cup of hot chocolate

    Christmas is the most favorable and long waited event in a year
    I'd wait for Christmas while gazing at the starry sky
    Clouds wandering free on the sky as if it feels the cheer
    I'd dream of Santa passing by with his sleigh and flying reindeer on the sky

    When I fall asleep I'd find myself on an untainted white snow
    Helping Santa's elves packing while watching the surrounding as colorful as a rainbow
    A wonderful unimaginable town, so peaceful and bright yet busy
    The light spreads as the warmth of Christmas blanketed with cheer lingers gently

    Houses in the town seem to light so brightly as the elves run around delivering toys
    The houses were decorated in red and green, sweet coated walls and candy cane poles
    Everything seems so perfect and so dreamy
    It's something that I've been dreaming for since I was a kid though now it sounds kiddy

    As soon as I satisfy myself with the view of the town, I head to the factory
    The elves were so joyful they hum all the way while making toys
    On a corner I can see some elves working on the toys skillfully
    At another I see a neatly piled gifts ready for delivery

    Sinking in my own cheerfulness I lost the track of time
    Suddenly a loud noise came out from a big clock nearby
    A deep gentle voice reach the space as the clock rang twelve
    Eventually I realised that it was all a dream, as light passes through the windows gently

    This poem is made for the believers,
    that Santa will always be in your heart and it's never too old to believe...