• Angels surround me
    Dark wings covering light
    Taking my breath away

    Feathers fall from above me
    Soft touches on my cheeks
    Caressing my fears away

    I pick one up
    Seeing Black with silver
    Then put it in my hair.

    Four days
    Feathers still falling
    But different somehow.

    The colors change to Gray
    And show pictures in the others
    Second in my hair.
    The second day, feathers falling

    I wake to White feathers falling
    Turning to something like snow
    A third in my hair.
    Third day, falling feathers.

    Fourth day
    All three feathers fall from the Angels
    Burying me in soft snow

    The Black feather removed by cherubic hands
    The Gray one also gone.
    I take the hand of the third

    And feel myself move on.