• Born into the world a sinner
    Living my day bathing in the wrongs of the world
    And still loving every minute of it
    It seems like a perfect fit
    Rolling in a endless amount Pride
    Clouding my thoughts with Greed and hate
    Craving the world the is to big for me
    I wish to have the skies and the seas
    But I do not wish to be forsaken...
    A natural Glutton, I take more then my share;
    And more then I need
    Without pleasure, there is no pain
    Without sacrifices, there is no gain
    And with pleasure comes Lust,
    How I yearn for it's seductive touch
    My craving for a bit of something I must not have
    Is great and makes me want it bad
    I am one of the forsaken
    In a world with all that's good;
    Comes the things, that are still bad
    My Wrath and resent just drive me mad
    When I don't get my way,
    Does that make me look sad?
    When wrath is absent,
    Sloth takes place
    Originally the sin of sadness and sorrow
    lacking the element of grace
    Why must I be forsaken?
    In the amount of green and blue
    My envy is the one that burns true
    For those who have more then I
    For those who sing such sweet lullaby's
    For those who have beauty beyond my taste
    For those with the faces of an angels grace
    For those who have the hearts of gold
    How I envy them and their perfect souls
    And yet...
    I am the one who is forsaken.