• I hurt so much to hear those words,
    You said you loved me
    We've spent so much time together

    But yet you set there and break my heart.
    Why did you hurt me so?
    Why would you do this to me?

    Did our love mean nothing to you?
    Was I your pet?
    or your lover?

    You send your friend to do something you wouldn't
    You say you dont want to hurt me but you did
    You hurt me so much.

    I took this knife
    to end my life.

    For the pain is to great to bear
    you left me for someone else
    someone you think is real

    I hope this knife
    will end my life
    so I dont have to spend my life
    watching you hurt me.

    I hope the girl you left me for
    will come with me
    for I will hunt you
    in the afterlife

    I tack this knife
    and end my life

    I took that knife
    to end my life

    Just so I dont have to see you again!