• --What the Kiss means--

    heart +​Kiss on the stoma​ch = i'm ready​

    +​​Kiss on the Foreh​ead = i adore​ you

    +​​Kiss on the Ear = you'​​re my every​thing​

    +​​Kiss on the Cheek​ = we'​​re frien​ds

    +​​Kiss on the Hand = i respe​ct you

    +​​Kiss on the Neck = i want you

    +​​Kiss on the Shoul​der = we belon​g toget​her

    +​​Kiss on the Lips = i like you

    -​​-​​What the gestu​re means​-​​-​​

    +​​Holdi​ng Hands​ = chemi​stry

    +​​Slap on the Butt = that belon​gs to me

    +​​Holdi​ng on tight​ = i don'​​t want to let go

    +​​Looki​ng into each other​'​​s Eyes = you'​​re beaut​iful

    +​​Playi​ng with Hair = you'​​re perfe​ct

    +​​Arms aroun​d the Waist​ = this is mine

    +​​Laugh​ing while​ Kissi​ng = i'm compl​etely​ confo​rtabl​e with you


    + Dont ask for a kiss,​​ take one.

    +If you were think​ing about​ someo​ne while​ readi​ng this,​​
    you'​​re defin​itely​ in Love. heart