• When I tried I didn't do well enough
    I didn't try my best and now it's lost
    Lost to me, forever more
    My dream
    I see the Door that waits for me
    Standing there; glinting evilly
    Waiting for me to step though
    Step into the dark Sleep
    One with no goals or dreams
    One that lasts forever, one that no one sees
    The Door is waiting for me
    To fall into the Sleep of Death
    Because it knows I have no more dreams
    And dreams are my reason for life
    So good-bye, dear friends
    I love you all
    Good-bye, farewell, I now must go!
    Onto a place, where, I can't tell
    Bet you that they call it "Hell"
    My Dreams roam about
    And I will never find them again
    Like glass, they shattered
    The broken pieces of my dreams
    Flow around me
    And fall silently to the ground
    Leaving me in Darkness and Death