• You lying cheat, tell me yours i'll tell you mine
    gained my trust and drowned it one day, screw it you ain't so devine
    your shifty eyes haunt me
    your gaze burns me like a magnifying glass hovering an ant, don't you see
    i see that you shaddered my image, my ego
    then stab me with one of my own bloody shards,
    it stains,
    the cloth of our friendship, tie dye of blood and secrets that it rains
    i see you talk, i hear no words
    the year on fast forward, nothing forgotten nothing misheard
    another lie you told me, another lie dismissed and accounted for
    stripped of my confidence, you steal my life you whore
    you steal my world, all that matters is yours
    my sins taped to your minds, the true devil secures
    hidden in a phrase to begin it all, it was you all along
    (chorus) I see through your mirrored eyes, reflecting
    your every move, your every thought connecting
    a failed attempt to stop you, adds to my humiliation
    running from the world itself, doesn't satisfy liberation
    hiding from these demons, is like hiding from the gazing eyes of god himself, did you know
    your sins can't compare to mine, considering that you show
    i never did anything, other than making myself suffer
    these consequences, i bleed your tears but i'm still tougher (end of chorus)
    you come to me with your false disguises
    with open arms with open ears, to hear me pour out improvises
    to what i have to say, you share it to the world
    i run to my sanctuary, no where to be found unfurled
    you stole me of my life, left me with my suffering
    shared these dark ambitions, to the one it was intended to
    scarred this innocent mind, of your cursed words i say adieu
    meaning nothing
    casting a dark shadow, of your wicked grins erupting
    haunting these roads in these nightmares, that i suffer from
    every night, every waking thought that you roam
    isolation is the key, where to?
    i'll see, you won't in this taboo
    (chorus)you replace me with a flawless puppet, the wicked marrionette
    she suffers the same fate, of the same name so don't fret
    to slowly burn you, with her poisoning words
    like acid rain, you pour these lies
    until i slowly break and fall apart, decaying with eternal cries
    into the unknow, with who?
    will you follow?
    to save the others of your victimization that you swallow (end of chorus)
    believe you how?
    the rhythm of your heart lies skipping a beat, nature doesn't allow
    it mutes, when you lie
    i've reawakened, cleansed this dirty soul i see you don't reply
    not a pity that the same, can't be said for you
    taught me all i need, to roam these streets alone it's true
    now on my way to isolation, don't follow
    only destruction, is cursed to occur cause this world is hollow