• I feel a cold front moving in,
    Memories from past are suffocating.
    In relation to our free flowing laughs,
    This chilling air is stinging with contempt.

    Wrong words stumble out my mouth.
    Trip over the teeth, clinging to my lip.
    Take a jump to your ear, sky rocketing forward.
    What you hear is all you know; confusing.

    You glare at me-here comes the cold.
    I'm shivering; your gaze made of nothing but disdain.
    I stare right back; you look offended.
    Misunderstanding standing in our way.

    The rain just missed the frost.
    The snow is evading my thoughts;
    Swirling in yours-plotting, toiling.
    Deafening silence muffles my mind.

    I take a burning breath
    And stop in my tracks.
    A thought occurs: maybe I
    Am the one whose mind is snow blind.