• Angel:
    I am earthbound...
    too tainted for heaven
    too pure for hell
    destined to wander the realms
    Until a place is forged for the likes of me…

    till then, I’ll be your angel.

    Saving me
    from both my prison
    and my sanctuary

    Saving me from my home, my shelter
    just before it falls in on me
    my broken heart fixed
    my lost soul, found

    The sky is white
    but the clouds are black
    and everything else is anything but gray

    The sky may be white
    and the clouds may be black
    but you will always brighten my day
    and make the flowers bloom

    Turning my eternal winters into timeless summers
    where we can waste the days away side by side

    The flowers that bloom look like the blood shed
    from the wars and violence of the everyday
    but with you by my side the blood fades;
    the world at peace.

    And nothing matters when your with your friend
    days of smiles and laughter with no limits but ourselves

    The tears we shed
    and the blood we share
    only proves what friends can do

    I’ll be your dream
    I’ll be your wish
    I’ll be your fantasy
    I’ll be your hope
    -be everything that you need
    'Cuz I’m counting on a new beginning
    a reason for living
    a deeper meaning

    just to hear your voice is blessing to me
    your touch is a gift that can’t be replaced
    these tears we shed of crystal and pearl
    mend the wounds like the phoenix tears...

    though my heart is broken
    the words we share is just enough
    to replace the pieces
    with new meaning, new understandings...

    I couldn’t tell you
    what I hear when you say nothing at all...

    And when it's all said and done
    and there's nothing left to love
    we'll still have each other
    and a friendship that can’t be undone.