• I don't think you know my name
    I'm the invisible girl
    Trapped in thoughts about me and u
    I don't know where to take this
    Can u give me a clue, what should i do

    And I'm standing here, patiently
    And I'm waiting for u to see, me
    Toss my hair, my intriguing stare
    Everything that should make you care
    But I'm the invisible girl

    So many times u looked my way
    I'm the invisible girl
    That u have just not never seemed to see
    I wish you'd open up your eyes and see me 4 me
    And all we can be

    I'm not no j lo or miss spears
    I'm just a girl who disappears
    Every time you walk my way
    I just don't know what to say...

    Go to the beach and run through the rain
    Stretch beyond your reach. take a flight to Spain
    Can't u see how great it'd be
    If you could just only see
    I'm not the invisible girl