• I have cut myself so deep
    I have broken hearts
    I have scared people half to death
    I have stopped someone from making my mistakes
    I have hurt the ones that I love
    I have ran with scissors
    I have ran with knives
    I have held my hands up to the skies
    I have thought of the possibilities
    That one of these days my problems would be forgotten
    I have lost someone that I hold dear
    I have cried for no reason
    I have cried till I slept
    I have cried out of pain
    I have cried out of sin
    I have woken to music
    I have woken to screaming
    I have woken to my tearstained reflection
    I have woken to the floor
    I have woken to the sky
    I have woken everyday though by and by
    I have ran out of reason
    I have felt pain
    I have felt the redemption that takes me again
    I have felt the need and the want for more
    I have felt the truth and needed to know
    I have understood what most cannot
    I have blamed myself for a broken heart
    I have thought it to be all my fault
    These 13 years we have spent apart
    I run out of reason
    I run out of pain
    I run to never come back again
    I run out of truth
    I run out of faith
    I run out of the need to see your face
    I ran out of time
    I ran out of pain
    I ran out of truth
    I ran out of need
    I ran out reason
    I ran out of hope
    I ran out of faith
    Now that I know it isn’t my fault
    I need to know why for 13 years I have been on my own
    Why I have heard the pain come from your voice
    Why I have been your lean on in weak times
    Why you have lied to me
    Why you have taken from me
    Why you have failed me
    Why you said I was the cause to your problems
    Why you said you wished you could die
    Why you have blamed me for all the stress
    Why you come to me when you need the rest
    Why you feel the need to cry on my shoulder
    But tell me it is all my fault
    Why you feel the need to make me small when I have gotten that enough through it all
    Why you bend me until I break
    Why you yell and take
    Why the pain and stress boil through
    Why the anger settles in you
    Why the screaming takes our lives
    Why the days turn so quickly to night
    Why you wish to talk to me but start no conversation
    Why take some place new
    Why you didn’t leave me there
    And follow through with your prayer
    Why you kept instead of sending me away
    Why you never tell the truth
    Why you never think I can comprehend
    Why the world spins to its end
    We find ourselves at a loss for words
    Until we lose our cool
    All it ends in is a tearstained face
    And Death of one of us in the race
    We know not why the other screams
    Only why we fight
    We thought we knew it all
    When the cries of pain tarried through us all
    Honestly I don’t know
    Hopefully you see my point
    Hopefully you hear my cry
    Hopefully you’ll understand
    Why we aren’t near again