• I slowy walk into the room, hoping that noone can see
    The tears in my eyes, the sorrow in my soul, or the emptiness inside of me
    I hold my head up high as I'm walking through the crowd
    My heart, inside, is weeping, but I proudly hold it down
    I know it's best to let it out, to let my feelings show
    But i don't want to tell a sob story, rather not let you know
    Because i don't want your pity, or you to feel sorry for my grief
    I just want to be by myself, to mourn my loss in peace
    I know you know that something's wrong. I know that I won't tell.
    Because I know what's going on. And I know too well.
    You just want to feel better about yourself for helping me heal my soul
    But i won't let you in, won't let you help me. Noy you, not anyone. No, no.
    I won't have my suffering as another notch on your belt
    You have no idea how much i'm hurting, how much pain i've felt
    So don't even think for a second that you can help me through
    Because noone can help me. Not her, not him, not me, not you.