• Lack of oxygen
    In the air
    I can't breath
    Don't you see what you've done to me

    Wheres the air
    What have you done
    Why are you trying to suffocate me
    I know you love me but please give me some space

    The air grows thin
    Every time you come near me
    Sometimes you get so jealous of the other guys
    Even though I talk to them your the only one I want to spend time with

    But you just don't see it
    Lack of oxygen
    You make it hard to breath
    Why can't you see how jealous you are

    Why are you trying to suffocate me
    You know I love you
    But you don't see
    What your doing to me

    I wish I could show you
    But you probably wouldn't understand
    How bad you treat me sometimes
    And I know its because of how jealous you are

    Lack of oxygen
    You make it hard to breath
    Can't you see what your jealousy is doing to me
    I want you to see but you don't understand you just think I'm lying

    I might just sit here on my bed today
    And slowly rot away
    But you wouldn't care as no one else can have me your okay
    Sometimes I want to run away but there isn't anywhere to run

    You've blocked all the exits
    I feel like your prisoiner sometimes even your slave
    You make me do everything
    I thought you loved me but it turns out you just wanted to use me

    Lack of oxygen
    I have to escape
    But my only way to escape is to die
    But all I can do is cry

    Your so called love is killing me inside
    Please just let me go
    Are you really trying to suffocate me
    Let me die please

    In my sleep I pass away
    From what I can't explain
    Maybe from my anger I have towards you
    I'm just glad I'm free and now I can breath