• I found myself in a hollow place,
    looking for something that got lost..long ago.
    Never notice how important it was, tipical of us human to learn that ...once is lost.
    Never said a word of this content...here in the shadows,im safe im free..i dont know were else to go but ..i cannot stay were i dont belong. So many nights i find myself without sleep,torturing myself with so many questions that even u cannot answer,u feel the same..but u dont want to confront it.
    I dream in darkness and sleep to die..erase the silence ,erase my life..my burning ashes blackend the day..and a world of lonelyness blows me away.
    Silly to believe i could change..sad of u to forget i was worth it.
    I am just another thing or thought with no soul or purpose..with no love or joy.
    Ur the one arent u..?
    I know u..? yes...
    U were here long ago...but u dint get to notice i left...
    But im sure u could remember me..
    yes! u could.
    Im so glad to see u again how have u been?
    what..? u say u dont know me..?
    but...u were my friend..u used to tell me everything...now u ignore me...
    I see... is not ur fault..its mine..
    i was too little..and u were going trough so much...Im sorry..............
    I will tell u who i am....and i know u will feel bad...but i swear i dont meant to....
    Do u remember when u were child?
    Do u remember ur silent nights...when u used to go to bed and think about everything that happened to u during the day...?

    Hi..im ur conciesnce..ur childhood..ur memorys..and ur mind..
    Im the one u used to hear..
    And well u must be asking ..
    Why did u find me ...?
    Why now...?
    why here....?

    Ur dying..not physical but...ur soul..ur emotions are not the same....I know the diference between ourselves and our reflections..i just cant help to wonder...?

    Which of us do u know?