• The fires of the war-torn areas have chaos that has no end. Many people and Veterans have at one time lost a limb or a friend. Even though many soldiers had no thanks for their bloody or valiant deeds; this is a story every forgotten hero reads.
    Today we are here to recognize the brave men and women that fought in wars in their day. They talk about the paths the crossed and how war in their time was like a maze. Going on one path, then make a turn. The intensity makes their stomachs churn.

    They talk about times, good and bad. The rage of war might make the bravest and strongest go completely mad. This, my friends, is very sad. Many people might have lost a beloved one; many children might have lost their dad.

    This is an Ode to our heroes, from the present and the past. Their bravery and their strength forever last. We thank our heroes for fighting and correcting mistakes. Bravery and strength is what it all takes. This is the Ode to the Veterans, brave and bold. Their spirit and dedication never grows old.