• I fear that i'm on the fallacious side of the ropeing
    The rope I pull to keep myself from choking
    I try to brace on one side of the line
    But conflicts come along and I become blind
    It's so easy now to fall on my knees
    My own reflection has become my worst enemy

    This internal conflict has done nothing but suffocate me
    Like a room with no oxygen that has no doors for me
    I won't let this take over my strife
    And drag me down to a wretched life

    I'm so ashamed that I've let myself go
    She trusted me with every thing, I know
    I wish that I can turn back time
    Rewind my wrong doings and be back in her life
    But now it's difficult to find a four leaf clover
    This wall in front of me seems too hard to look over

    The way she sees me isn't seen by anyone else
    She has been with me, high water and even hell
    Maybe I should leave the past behind
    And depart from this fearful state of mind

    I am sure that I need to be complete
    Stop trying to inflict pain in this battle I cannot beat
    I try to fit the pieces together
    But my puzzle seems to intermingle with others

    I will demolish this enemy once and for all
    The enemy that's in the cracked mirror that paces on fire when I fall
    I will stand up and take the side of my conscience in the worst parts of my mind
    A crystal that is clear as the sky is what I have to find