• I tried my best to make you see what the two of us could be…
    Never had something to hide; don’t know why you always lied
    It seems like something in your mind wasn’t properly aligned
    Suddenly after all this time, you act like love don’t cost a dime
    Coming back and saying hello – it’s putting me through hell, you know

    You don’t know all the pain you’ve caused; why can’t you see all of your flaws?
    You never stop, it’s all a blur ‘cause you’re too busy chasing her
    While I’m alone and waiting here, where you no longer wipe my tears.
    You broke my heart too many times; I’ll never let you cross that line
    Not now, not then, not one more chance – I’m guarded now, I’ll take my stance

    I can’t love you that way right now, but friend-wise, you should know my vow:
    To be close by you should you call and try to catch you when you fall.
    One more loyal you’ll never find than this one who you left behind
    Don’t mean to cause any more woe; just so we’re clear, just so you know:
    No matter where you say you’ve been, I won’t make that mistake again.