• the truth is that my feeling can't hide
    that you are no longer by my side
    every single day i pray
    but i always run out of words to say

    i always wonder how can i take back your love
    even though I've hurt you so much
    i always tell my self that i can forget you
    but here i am all alone thinking of you

    you are still the one i want and i need
    don't just leave me here and bleed
    its so hard to fake your mind and emotions
    pls baby tell me there's a solution

    your still the one i'm looking for
    can we start again just like before?
    again and again i will say this words
    because you girl are my only world

    now here i am sad and all alone
    i just miss the days you sang me songs
    here i am drinking and trying hard to forget
    the lies you said b4 that will have no regrets

    but if ever you come back to me i'm not ganna let you slip away
    this time i won't let another day go by

    you wanna know why.....because ..
    because i still love you .....