• Wander through a world where you think you belong. Never been close to guessing where you are, still wondering. You search the crevices of your mind, the most unlikely places to look, but still, you find nothing. You are stranded there.

    And you love it.

    Nothing can stop you from doing what you want. You roam this place as it sparkles around you. Touches of unnamed colors kiss your skin and you smile in a joy undiscovered by man.

    And yet you're empty.

    You search and find nothing. Depression dawns lightly upon you, coming swiftly your way, threatening your sanity. What should you do? What can you do? You need him as much as yourself. He is part of you.

    And you realize you've been hiding from the truth.

    You can't live without him. You want him there with you. But he can't find you, unaware of your coordinates. Where could you be? How can you signal for him?
    "Find me!" you call.

    And nothing comes.