• i walk in the sadows
    you walk in the sun
    i love you but i don't think you can love me emo

    your my freind but when ppl come by you leave me
    you my light in this dark world
    i long to embrace you
    i long to embrace my light

    i would do any thing for you
    i confess my feelings towrds you not kowing if you can return them
    you can then the world lights up

    your house gets robed when i'm there
    i take the bulite for you

    i lay in the hospital wishing you were there
    i see you and i slip into unconsesnes

    i see this light and it sayes it's not my time
    it takes your form and says thing that only you know about me

    i wake up to see you siting there
    i call your name we hug and kiss heart
    i get released and get drafted

    now i wight this so you know i live

    i come home to see you and owr young boy standing there grown up and a teenager