• A wave
    A tear
    An ocean
    Of fear

    Ashamed of ourselves
    For our mistakes
    Feeling the world
    Is full of fakes

    Let it fall
    Let it shatter and break
    Like a dry clay pot
    Watch it brake

    Pain, Sadness, hurting
    All of it so real
    My heart so cold
    This is how I feel

    A hazy back and white picture
    Mostly all gray
    The people around the world
    Hopeless they pray

    Nothing left it seems
    Empty world all round
    But the strings of a piano
    Is the only sound

    Sadness strikes the keys
    Sorrow its wires
    Pain is the pianos brand
    The music never tires

    The empty streets
    Around the town
    In the allyes nothing
    Pianos the only sound

    Which brought me here
    To this beach
    The greenish gray sea
    The brown dirty sand I reach

    The cloudy sky
    The uncolored shells
    The unlively ocean
    The strong salty smell

    The piano stops
    As I sit alone on the beaches sand
    I curled up and chest to knees
    My eyes covered by my hands

    ...I look down
    ...Alone with a life unclear
    ...A wave really big comes up to my feet
    ...And a drop is formed by a single tear