• She loves you the most,
    She gave you her heart,
    You don't even know,
    But she's been there from the start.
    She gave you her all,
    And then the rest,
    Then she gave in,
    She's broken hearted once again.
    She swears she'll do anything,
    Anything for you,
    She said she'd die for you,
    And you wouldn't even care.
    She told me she loved you,
    She told me she cared,
    More than any other girl,
    In the whole world.
    She said she'd be your Angel,
    If she got your permission.
    You sound like a jerk,
    But she loves you too much,
    To just let you go.
    You don't even see,
    That she would cry,
    There's just nothing left to cry for.
    She's cried for everything,
    Now she has no feelings,
    Break her heart?
    She can't feel it.
    Now can you see,
    That this girl... Is me?