• Lost in the midnights dreary hour,
    A fog flowering through my mind,
    What happened to my copper filled hands?

    Those rose peddles that fall away,
    Leaving my trail of breadcrumbs,
    I stare ahead.
    As my darkened thoughts return.

    As the heart raced,
    I heard it stop.
    Ba-dump, Ba-dump, nothing.

    The words that left her rosy red lips,
    meant nothing to someone like me.

    Her eyes in her fear screamed her pleas,
    As she fell away into a deeper dream.

    Her fingers twitched,
    My own followed suite.

    There was nothing I could do.
    Had she died in remorse?
    Had she left a lover?
    A child in her womb?

    I cried out her forgotten name,
    Pleading for her to return.

    Tears wetting my blood strewn face,
    My hands tremble to stroke her own.

    So young,
    So weak.
    She never had a chance.

    The fog returns.
    My head empties its thoughts.
    Where am I?

    My copper covered hands,
    The peddles trailed behind me,
    How could I...

    I never stood a chance.