• I love black.
    I love the dark
    However, I hate black.
    However, I hate the dark.

    People tend to have misconceptions about me.
    People tend to think I worship satan.
    People tend to think I practice witchcraft.
    People tend to think I do not know God.

    Ravens are black, doesn't God love them?
    God created the darkness on the first day, isn't
    He proud of His own handiwork?
    God is proud of anything He makes.
    God loves anyone He makes.

    Even if I do wear black,
    even if I do prefer to walk in the shade.
    It doesn't make me a bad person.
    God made the dark. God made the light.

    Gothic Christianity means I prefer the macabre side of life,
    while other people only see beauty in beautiful things.
    I see beauty in the most ugliest places,
    and in the ugliest situations.

    Jesus died in the most beautiful way,
    but at the same time the most ugliest way.
    He died for His love - humanity.
    Just as Romeo died for his Juliet.

    Death to me is beautiful,
    but at the same time ugly.
    It's a new beginning for some people,
    but for others it's death all over again.

    Please, don't judge me because I wear black,
    don't judge those open admitting who they are.
    We merely are Dark Angels with black wings...
    we aren't much different from those who are white Angels.

    While you prefer to stay in the light, let me be in the dark.
    While you prefer to reach out to those reached, let me
    reach to the lost in the dark.
    While you fear the dark, I carry a candle for those who thirst and hunger,
    for their thirst will never be found, and their hunger nevermore.

    I am a gothic Christian.
    Let me help those in the dark.