• Some people think
    The moon is but a ball
    And some people think
    It is nothing at all

    But to me
    I love it

    It sits in the sky
    So peaceful at night
    It sits in the sky
    Such a beautiful sight

    Some cars will race it
    And others pass it by
    Some don't even notice
    The moon in the sky

    But I want to chase it
    And reach it I will
    After I gaze at the craters
    Oh my heart it will fill

    With a heart full of dreams
    And a pocket of change
    A brain full of knowledge
    And a head full of brain

    Each night I will run
    And faster each time
    This dream was only
    Ever so fine

    Each morning I rest
    I pay to visit a home
    For in the broad daylight
    I rarely ever roam

    As night slowly comes
    I give my thanks for the stay
    I smile and nod
    Then I'll be on my way

    I know I draw closer
    For it's more down to earth
    And soon I will reach it
    For all this is worth

    Finally I reach it
    The beautiful moon
    And destined to joy
    It will all be so soon

    I reach out my arm
    And touch my hand to the rough
    For this is my dream
    And this is enough

    People said it was impossible
    But it all happened soon
    Because I got off my feet
    And ran after the moon