• I know I love you
    Maybe as a friend
    I know I care for you
    And I will until the end

    I've always tried to make things better
    I've always tried to help you out
    I've always tried to make you happy
    The new silence, ended friendship, I don't know what it's about

    I know I've made you cry
    Wether it be good or bad
    I know I've made you sigh
    Everything I say making you sad

    But I hope you know I love you that much
    That I would never mean to hurt you
    Anything I've done or did
    Was meant for the best. I do it like the blue
    Reflection of they sky
    I want to be with you
    As friends, forever, down here or high
    Caring for one another
    Looking out for eachother
    This is how I feel about you

    The scilence between us departing us so
    Nowadays I think you've forgotten about me
    Everytime I see you online
    I think of saying something, but then I know you'll act busy

    I know this poem will probably make you think I'm selfish
    I know these written thoughts will make you think I'm mean
    I don't know if it will make you sad
    Because care for me seems to end
    I think this will only make you mad
    But I want you to know you were my only friend, that
    Talked to me the way you do
    That trusted me the way you did
    That was shy yet outgoing
    Friendly, always flowing
    With the rhythm of life
    Thinking it's so complicated, yet always making it through
    Easygoing, happy, sad, every way you do

    I know you'll hate me for this
    Telling your friend just how selfish
    I am being, trying to make you sad
    But you should know I would never do it on purpose

    Expressing my thoughts onto paper
    Wording it out through and through
    Telling you in a negative way
    I say once again
    I want to be with you
    Maybe as a friend, maybe as a best
    All I know is you won't appreciate this
    But to me it's all a test
    To see if you would forgive me
    For the wrong doings I've comitted
    Always making you sad
    I want the fun and joys before
    That I remember we had

    We were never close friends in person
    But I loved you as if we were
    Because that's how I care for my friends
    But now you and I are just a blur

    In the conflict that's happened
    Sometimes I think I was just your helper
    But I don't know, mixed feelings, everything alike
    All that happens is a fight
    Between me and myself, wondering what I could have done
    To prevent all this, make us all one
    Just as friend of course together and all
    Meeting now and then, having a blast
    Maybe talking about the past, I don't know
    But summing it up, it would be cool
    To do the things we used to do