• I.
    I saw tears, behind them
    In the child's eyes that would vanish away
    The laughters, passes by
    That would never die and let them carry through

    But not a very long time ago,
    Strangers attacked our home out of nowhere

    I heard guns blasting aloud
    And when i stepped out,
    I couldn't believe what I see
    My parents told me to go free
    You are on your own
    But never forget about us

    I thanked them
    They saved me
    From the horrors that happened last night
    I was scared with my tears
    They carry on
    My freedom and my memories

    Everything we've been through before
    Leaves me lessons and so much more


    Please come with smiles
    And I will let you see
    The freedom left in my memories

    How could I ever let you go?
    Is it too late to save you away?

    (Chorus2x) heart