• The bell had just began to chime,
    They were both running out of time.
    It started to snow,
    He called her name,
    Regretting the days that he spent away.

    She had been hurt,
    Lying on the ground.
    She could not speak,
    could not hear a sound.
    She started to cry,
    As she slowly died;
    With the vision of him
    In the top of her mind.

    He had said no, he walked away.
    He was with someone new,
    He knew not her name.
    They walked and walked,
    but then he stopped
    he told her good-bye,
    He felt in his heart
    the one he loved died.

    He ran and ran down the way,
    Glancing around while calling her name.
    He found her lying, on the ground
    Covered with snow, and with no sound.

    As she laid dying,
    He held her while crying
    He whispered "I love you,"
    She passed away
    The last leaf was falling
    She faded away.