• Bring back the days,
    The days when I could see
    Nothing but the love,
    The love that you had for me

    I just wish that I
    Could control the clock tonight
    So maybe for just a little while
    We could go back in time

    Girl, you should know by now,
    That you hurt me oh so bad
    And you'll never get to see
    What it is that we could've had

    You could have had the world
    Because I made you mine
    But you had to go and cross
    You had to go and cross that line


    I couldn't take the pain
    So, I had to let you go
    There is just one thing
    One thing I have to let you know

    I can't turn back the clock
    and make all the wrong things right
    And there is so much I won't forget
    Like lying under the stars with you that night