• A dream doesn't come true,
    Nor is a lie the truth.
    Wishing amoung stars,
    Have left me broken.
    Like a shooting star,
    I crashed.
    Never will you see my smiles again.

    Like my heart is crushed,
    I'll snap your's in two.
    You had pulled me in your darkness,
    And dropped me to,
    Fall, fall, fall,
    Fall away, fall away, fall away.

    Shattered, I'd fall,
    Waiting for arms,
    To catch me and wish.
    I am a falling star,
    One too blind to see,
    My wishes won't be granted.
    But your's have.


    A never ending road,
    Will carry me on.
    But where will I stop,
    Not for you I know.
    I'm no fool now,
    I can see,
    But what will be my end?

    Like my heart was crushed,
    Your's is snapped in two.
    I'm still in darkness,
    Just away from you.
    So now I can,
    Fly, fly, fly,
    Fly away, fly away, fly away, fly away from here.