• Friends

    What happens when your little world
    crumbles all around you?
    To whom do you go for comfort
    when all your friends desert you?
    I'll tell you where I go,
    maybe it will help.
    I travel back in time, to memories of the past.
    Where all of my happiest moments
    are all locked firmly in place.
    But with the pleasant comes the pain,
    that things will never be the same.
    I had hoped, and I had prayed,
    this day would never come.
    But the time has passed, the deed is done,
    and the trust has been destroyed.
    Never will we laugh together,
    mess around or have fun with each other.
    Never will we share our hopes,
    our fears, our joys, our sorrows.
    I was honored to call you "friend",
    but you put that quickly to an end.
    I thought we were close, as close as can be,
    but all of this time, you were laughing at me.
    "How naive", you were saying, "How foolish you are,
    to think that our friendship would be in the stars!"
    Well, here is one thing
    I have to tell you,
    you have shattered my heart, it's broken in two.
    I hope you are happy, I wish you the best.
    Even though you think different,
    you're just like the rest.