• since i was litte
    i have always looked out for a spot
    to be with the one i love
    it was a place at the park
    underneath a willow
    the leaves would tickle my face as i walked around it
    then i got older and started telling secrets
    underneath the willow tree
    i herd names and wispers of a long waiting past
    i always wanted to be kissed under neath the willow tree
    as i got older ive gone threw people to fined the one i love
    then a boy who was close walked me to a tree
    he held my hand as we sat down
    and then he rasied his head
    his silent eyes tell the secret of the long past
    he reaches over
    and then kisses me
    the sweet serande of fragent flowers
    beyond long long medow
    as i back away the tree then wispers
    all i remeber was the leaves
    carsseing my face
    telling secrets of the loved
    then i remeber
    the one i love
    is right beside me
    then the tree was silent