• Feb 14 2020: my hair journal begins in Jan 6th that day is quite turn out not so good in the beginning of the year. So I figured out by this madness. Well I am pretend on being the hair dresser on my own hair. Well I guess it turn out okay right. So I was figured that I was invisible, but no. I thought of putting a 4 streaks so when I did it, I actually ruined my own hair and it hurts like burning bowl of fire. But I am going to live with it for 4 January’s.

    Okay 4 years from now, oh no I am so scared of my own dumb idea. Well I know I am going to pay 4 years taking my hair a rest and let it grow, crud. Well I am going to change 4 steaks blues and greens method with the different vegan dies. Well I think the cool colors will go well with my own skin tone. But yes, I am not a expert. It hurts so much like in whole pain that terrible. I don’t understand how my best friend from high school did that, and how did he handle all that pain and so much damage. When I get back in time, I should have died my hair black instead, so it not so much damage.

    And getting teased or wearing hats like every single day right . Well, I learned my own lesson not to touch the bleach again. I don’t want to shave my head. I not touched these chemicals again not so ever. Well if I told my past self, I said “ never bleach your own hair because it will burn your scalp”. So it was Splat bleach the worst nightmare ever, oh the hair dressers will hate me for this, I just about peed my pants. I didn’t see to care anymore but it was worth the risk. Well hopefully it will grow out in 4 years, and then I will get it cut all blonde off Hope fully. Even I not sure it my friends liked it. But after all if my friends don’t like it.

    Well it will grow back. Well I don’t care about the ponytail anymore. I am not afraid of taking risks and turns. Well, it’s better to have short hair then no hair at all. That’s what I was thinking. So I figured next time of change my own image. Or my hair, make sure I don’t hurt my own self next time. Oh yeah I am going to have fun with Manic Panic . And I understand the pain and now it’s a different kind of pain. I figured this out, I am now afraid of bleaching my own hair now. Well I am not scared of anything but the hair bleach. And Now I figured something out by thinking that is very unwise thing to do. I hope I didn’t mind of being natural. And I figured things out in any thought. Well now I am going to figured this out. I am going to let my hair grew as long as my streaks is down to my neck and then cut it off. Well sure I didn’t mind short natural hair for a while, just maybe. I not sure when my hair will turn out.

    Or maybe is going to fail. Well I don’t write this by doing a long novel. Now learning a lesson is a reappear shampoo and figured something out, with luck . However I mentioned that I slightly burned my own scalp. However the pain scale out of ten , is a 10 for highlights. And yet I am thinking that I am going to have a lot of fun til the age 30. Well I hope is good to end this madness. And stick just blue and greens for a long time perhaps get it fixed without dying it. And my hair journal is quite painful and slow. Now it’s Feb 14 and it was much better now. But it was going to be awesome 4 years of experimenting on the blues and greens which is my favorites and also my mothers. And I am going to enjoy this because Yolo.

    Well I am going to make the most of it. And soon came to realized that I know I was playing dumb with burning my own scalp. And now I should not do this again. Good bye Hair bleach aka poison. And why is my old best friend from high school bleaches his hair til its white. I never thought how much damage that is. Well I guess living with it until it’s grown out. But I am going to have a lot of fun with the next four years though. But oh well, not this again for a mean time. When it comes of starting to learn my own mistakes on the hair .

    I never thought of something that is truly worst thing or dangerous to your own health. And I rather wear box braids now then damage my own hair even more. But really how it’s was safe or not. Unless you are not afraid to take risks, but someday I soon going to live with it for a while. Have or not, learn not to burn. Well it hurts like I don’t want to swear but someday the roots will rise again. But I actually learned my own lesson of not doing this again to my own hair. But for now 4 years of experimenting with my streaks grown back to the bottom of the head or neck. Well by the age 30. I wanted to experiment with dying my hair indigo only natural dyes or hair color wax. And see it works for me. I am going to have short hair by the age 30 and that is okay. Well I am not going to care about it until it’s all going to be virgin hair for a while . Now I am 26 almost 27 years old, I wanted to have fun with streaks of color when I was still in my twenties. I know when it comes. And I know the box dye is also not so much damage then hair bleach so 6 years ago I notice that the blue black hair dye is less damage then bleaching it to blonde.

    I don’t want to break up with my mom’s mom. However I figured that I told her the truth of what happened to me when I do it on my own self. Well I figured that it much easier to dye my hair black it is then blonde that I figured. Well I know it’s such a harsh hair color, but it doesn’t burn my scalp that much. Well I am scared of dying my own hair black. Maybe let it grow for the four years by counting. Well I am not planning on going blonde anymore. Well I figured that I want to enjoy this steam punk hair for now and in 4 years of waiting and experimenting. Well I am going to be wiser after 4 years. Which I am going to experiment time. Well I am going to keep on my own toes. But I surely get older and wiser. But that is okay. Let my hair journey begins. And I only going to use the blue and greens in my hair. And now I am not going to shave my head though. I don’t want to be bald though, unless I could wear a wig for a long time. But I know I did that horrible mistake on my hair. And I will live with it for four years. But I am going to get through all 4 years of doing of learning my own lesson. Well it’s going to be sucked though. But I didn’t want anyone to know about my own secrets and my own mistakes on my own hair. I cannot think that I have a will power to do this for my own self. Maybe a little steps out of time. And still be strong. But to understand methods by streaking it on my own time . When I did it, I was so scared by doing it my own self. I figured this out. Well scared of bleaching my own hair. Well yes totally, well I am not scared to put the blue. But now its fading and growing out so slowly. And soon someday I will regret all this. Well, I figured this out by doing and trying to make it work as artistic movement for now. But I am going to do this journal once a month until the day of comes.

    When I figured when I am going to be free at last. And I going to be at the bottom of this. Well, I should’ve waited til my family member help me with this. And I should think about what is the next journey to come. However for me, it’s easier to dye my own clothes then hair which to me that is easier to do then hurting myself. But I am not talking crazy though, but I am going to make this work by having the new clean fresh start. Well I not to mention that where ever you do with the virgin hair or untouched hair. Please be careful about the hair problems. And I understand how hard it must be. And now you might learn from my own mistakes. I will be well prepared for this Journey. And Learn and discovered something new. And the wired things happen to someone reaction. Well I rather do tie dye then hair because this is what I do the best at . And learn from the own mistakes about this whole hair care thing in which that I never seemed to understand before the damage of this cause. And Also I am not a hairdresser, I am going to learn my own mistakes. But I am going to be long wait for this.