• However I started on my strictly strange passage to exstance. I dressed normal for a week. Since I wasn't classified myself as a goth. But I thought it's not easy to be normal. So I figured that I tentically not being myself. And well I found some items. The peice I like. Well it's plain. Well I really like black though. I didn't seemed to get comments.

    Well I think there's no norm. Well to the way. I dressed isn't to express my own identity. Well I continue not to bother with any one. And I have learning disabilities. But I change my self though different styles. Well I don't think that I get to express my own self. Well in tiredly being bossed at. It's not worth it at the end. I discovered that I found beauty in gothic architecture. People found that awesome or absolutely disgusting. Well i found that would be interesting 6:35 / 15:13

    and inspiring. My clothes come in winter color palette. So I decided when I wanted to get my hair died. Well I put a thought of having blonde streak in the front. Well my hair is very dark chestnut brown almost black.