• Let my tell ya a little story about me and my SONY DSLR-A230f.
    it all started when i was a little girl, looking up at trees, stairing at
    the sunset for what it felt like hours.
    And one day i thought to myself...
    (Why can't i hold what i see, like a painting in my arms?)
    I always knew about cameras but never could afford one
    at least not the one i wanted.
    Once a week my babysitter wold take me for ice cream, I would look up into the windows of shops and one thing caught my eye.
    It was big, beautiful, mickey mouse polaroid.
    So one day my babysitter asked me why i likes the camera so much.
    I said "well....i want people to see what i see" a few week later she took me into the store, i had never seen such perfection.I found out it was a photography studio, the man that owned the store asked me one question that day ill never forget."You can take all the pictures in the world but you gotta hold the memories in your heart closer."Then he asked me if he could give me a going away present, i said why i'm not leaving?he chuckled and said but the shop is and i know you've had your eye on something,so he stepped on his ladder and handed me my very own mickey mouse polaroid.