• I told myself I was too young in my early years of age. So i didn't bother with guys for a while. But, on that horrible, cursed day, I met you.

    I was hit hard. It was like my whole personal view on guys had changed. You were everything I had ever wanted, like your blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Your voice melted me on the inside, and honestly, it was like the very presence of you made me dizzy.

    So when the day came that I told you I liked you,(but what i meant to say was love), you said you liked me too. That's where our doomed to be relationship started. And I was the happiest girl in the world that night.

    Weeks passed and we talked on the phone every night and hugged everytime we could in the hallway. I tried everything I could to be the best girlfriend I could be. Rumors were starting, too, but I chose not to believe them. Even though I cried at the thoguht of them.

    My cousin started things too. Things she didn't think I had noticed. It frustrated me, but I didn't think she was important enough to worry about. The only thing I ever worried about was you and me.

    But, one week, you ignored me. It was like I wasn't there. I called, and sent you text messages, and did everything I could to speak to you. No answers or anything, and I was getting extremely worried. But there was a Friday night football game soon so I told myself I would see you there.

    On the way to the game, my friend called and told me you were with someone else. She said you were walking around with her, like you were together. I fretted the whole way to the highschool. When I got there, my friends were waiting for me a the gate. On of them pointed and I looked and saw you. Holding hands with another girl.

    We made eye contact, and we stared at each other for a good minute. Tears were clouding my eyes and my hands were shaking. You looked away and kept walking, like I wasn't in your life anymore. I could barely walk the rest of the time. I was on the verge of crying, and I wasn't going to let you see that.

    Later on that night, I cried myself into a troubled, foggy sleep. I can't remember much after that. I'm not sure if someone my age can be depressed, but I think I was. I'm writing this to get closure. Closure from all the pain and sacrifices. Closure from the past. Closure from you.