• People always say only have sex if you are inlove. Well they are right. I had sex with one guy he left me a week later. month later OH NO! IM PREGO!! sounds fun right....nope. well after i found out i hooked up with this guy my friend begged me to date well he was cool with me being a mommy at 16 (little did i know he was a daddy and a very bad one at that) we dated for like a month then my baby died (please dont be mean about that part) he was so sweet about it two months go by and we brake up i could not take being unhappy anymore and sleep with a guy who wont tell me he loves me, it hurts to much. well he started harasing me and said he wanted his stuff back that was fine by me till my friend lost the necklace. he told me i was not getting my stuff back till i give him the money he spent on that gift for me(stupid right?) well the fight just got worse i called him some names because he said some mean stuff to me but the one that really got me was when he called me a baby killer. he said i killed my own baby like really. then he told me was sleeping with another girl the whole time. great guy right yeah no i hope he dies no joke.

    do you agree with me when i say i have a right to cry and be upset?