• Do you know where the war between Muslims & Christians started from?
    A long time ago, there was one muslim who sold a 'machete'-"SUNDANG" & there was also a christian who sold a blanket-"HABOL". The 2 of them were friends
    Business was booming in the market, and I personally saw that these 2 guys were really close friends. The only bad thing was, their friendship was broken because of what they were selling(SUNDANG & HABOL)
    The muslim will cry out "SUNDANG!" "SUNDANG!" to attract customers and the Christian will also shout "HABOL!" "HABOL!" to attract his customers as well. That was when they're fight erupted. 'Coz the Muslim thought that the Christian was making fun of his SUNDANG by shouting HABOL(HABOL also means dull or not sharp) One slash, that was what it took the Muslim to kill the Christian. And everybody scattered.
    The muslim stood in front of dead Christian and said, "You said it was dull, when in fact it is very sharp!" And after that the war between Muslims and Christians started. That's all thnk you