• A long time ago my family and I would go rent or buy a piece of land to make a garden for ourselves that way we didn't need to shop for veggies so much. We had quite a few from time to time that we finally decided it was time to harvest and find a better field the plant a garden. Well one day I was alone by the car and my family was gardening like always, I was playing around pretending that I was fighting people. Until I just happened to see a big knife in the corner of my eye. So I take it and start throwing into the ground, now to my amazement it was just awesome to see a knife sticking into the ground like that. And so I continued doing so practicing it until I noticed something had gone horribly wrong.

    Next thing I know the knife had hit my shoe right where the my right toe was at. Now this knife is a home made knife made by my dad, it's also commonly sold in asian stores as well, most people know it as a Hmong Knife. So I'm standing there behind the car on a dirt road looking at my foot not making a sound at all. I quickly grab the knife, pulling it out and took off my shoe as quickly as I can. Next thing I find is my sock with a blotch of blood on it and I take that off to see my big toe with a cracked nail bleeding.

    Finally as I returned home with toilet paper wrapped around my toe and the bleeding had stopped. After a few days I checked it out and it was all good except that my toe nail had been growing out weird, it was like looking at a chipped nail. I never played with that knife after that moment at all other then cooking.