• im waking up! terrified inside.
    my thought's aren't even clear.
    my heart is pounding.
    my blood is solid.
    white walls all around me.
    get me out of here!

    cause im ******** krazy!
    i bang my head.
    blood starts pouring out.
    s**t, im busted up.
    a nurse walks in.
    you got a gash.
    i ******** no that b***h!
    she was stupid.

    im not in line.
    where am i, b***h?
    your in a KRAZY house!
    oh ********, i've went ******** krazy!
    im not the same!
    s**t happens ya know.
    that's why this happens.

    hold the gun, up to my heart, c**k it and pull the trigger!