• The world as we know it will come to an end. Now I dont mean in the coming days, weeks, maybe not even the next few years, but we will destroy our planet.
    Let me elaborate: We are using too many of our natural resources. We consume and consume and talk about how we need to change. We DO need to to change, not just tell people to. The biggest problem with people these days is laziness. Its easier to throw something in a bin and send it to a landfill than to recycle it, or reuse it. Now, i know being a garbage collector is a paid job and it helps hundreds of citizens every week, but we worry to much about money! More and more people are becoming poor than wealthy. So, we supply these poor people with jobs, while the middle class and upper class becomes lazy and destructable. They ruin our ecosystem by not listening!
    My point is this: Start recycling and reusing anything you can. Use paper bags, and reuse them, instead of plastic. Walk, run, or ride a bike to work, friends house, etc. Instead of driving a car. Try to live a green life, not a lazy one!