• my life is hard i cant live it and this is a true story so ill start my parents are divorce and my brother hits me and says swear words and i cant say anything back at him and people are some times mean to me and i just cant live my life and im kind of emo
    so i dont know wat to do die or run away? But i need to live my life
    but its hard so i cant just live.And i had alot of pets that are dead i had a dog named oscar and a bird that i didnt named but in went into are house and we took care of it but when i was with my dad at safe way my dad's phone ring and heared that the bird died and i was sad cuz it had a great sound of singing i still miss that bird Y~Y but at least its in a good place now.But i have two cats one is fat her name is isabella but i call her fat cat cuz she is fat and i have a skinny cat named sagwa and she is soo cute ill try to get a picture of her k but this is a sad life u dont wanna live like me i get treated really badly by people mostly everyday but my friends are nice to me tho. Well this is mostly the end but ill tell u more later well by

    by askira3