• i lost the Love of my life Tyler
    it left me with a broken heart that i can't mend
    i try and try
    but no one can make me whole...

    i've moved on and i'm in "love" with someone named Ben
    but it doesn't feel right
    it's like i have to force it
    i cry and he doesn't know why
    but i do...

    i don't Ben i want Tyler but i can't get him back
    so as i run away in the pouring rain
    i cry
    and scream his name under my breath
    i look at the Sky and think of him....

    i flash back to the time we were in the park
    and everything was perfect
    the birds singing kissing you on the swing set...

    as i rember that a car is speeding in front of me
    i see it coming but i still stand in the road
    it hit's me
    and as i fade away i smile and say
    "I Love You Tyler i'll see you soon"

    Ben starts to cry and says i never did understand
    why she cried
    but i do now