• Mother is cooking, something I don't know. I sit at a table close to her, drinking something. sweatdrop
    "My friends all hurry home from work to be with their husbands... They plan every day around spending time with their children. crying
    "It makes me feel, it's time to make some big changes on my own, mom. I think I'm finally ready on making a big commitment." 4laugh
    Mother is thinking, question "She's finally moving out of the house. No more complaints for me!!!" 3nodding
    Mother stops her cooking and runs to me cheerfully, "Oh, sweetie. You mean you're... you're... you're... moving out?!
    I stand up from my seat," I'm going to get a dog!" heart
    Mom starts walking very slowly, sits down next to me, and lays her head on the table.
    I look at her in a confused way question ,"...Mom??" xp
    *Sigh* Go away. I want to be alone with my happiness. crying