• freehand journal..
    what's on my mind in five minutes..


    i wonder how it is to live beyond this world.. beyond this chaotic demand of people and beyond what else is true. five minutes is awfully a short time, and so is life.

    if i ever wonder about it, had i lived my life to the fullest really? i guess i can never have the answer.. it's odd how headstrong i am to do the best i can and yet i feel in my heart, i am always half-empty.. i felt the memory of my lonely days and when i get back to it, i wonder how long i've really left my lonely self and how far changed i am to be the person i am today.. and there, two minutes had lapsed..

    and still im not getting tthe point of all this life.. why do people strived for something they should not be striving for. it's odd why people do things they should not be doing, and end up having regrets at the end of their life. but who am i to say that, when i, myself, am like that.. it's that one thing i hate about myself-- when i should be doing what is right and i can't stand to do it.. that's when i lost courage and held back.. and i can never get the fullness of life.

    two decades and two had passed in my life, i don't know how much time i've left.. but now, five minutes is over..